Geeks: The smart way to bring your vision to life


Geeks: The smart way to bring your vision to life


A software application that is poorly designed or developed will cause frustration and exponentially growing maintenance costs and headache over time.

That's why at Geeks we are fanatical about quality and getting things right the first time.

We achieve this by using mature coding standards, standardised technical architecture, test-driven development and regular code reviews.

When we deliver your application, you will never have to start again regardless of how much your requirements change.


As a company we have delivered over 300 projects of varying size and complexity to UK and global organisations. We have gained extensive experience from dealing with all sorts of challenges in designing, building, testing and operation of those systems.

When you assign us to your project, rest assured that it's in safe hands as we will overcome the most challenging technical or commercial problems.


Culture and relationships
Our approach is to be a reliable technical partner to our clients over a long-term relationship as their success is our success.

The friendly environment and team culture at Geeks promotes open and honest conversations with our clients. This helps with issues being discovered early and resolved quickly.

We call ourselves "Geeks" because we enjoy being down to earth and straightforward with people.


There is hardly any "material" to delivering software projects and almost the entire cost of building software is for time of the professionals spent on design, development, testing, maintenance and management of the project.

By offering competitive daily rates, plus an incredibly efficient delivery model we ensure exceptional value for our clients' money.

In simple worlds we complete the projects faster, and so reduce development time. We do it with the right quality and so reduce long-term costs.


Delivery time
Around the world many software projects are challenged, with the average schedule overrun exceeding 50%. This is caused by a number of complicated risks and issues which are partly technical, and partly people-related.

At Geeks we have created innovative solutions to those complex problems, for which we won prestigious awards. They have been built into our working framework, so every client will benefit from them directly. So if time to go-live is of critical importance for your project, you are at the right place.


Project Governance
We take project management very seriously because software projects are inherently complex and if not managed closely and effectively can easily go off track.

Our outstanding project governance procedures will benefit you in many ways and ensure timely delivery.

Our project managers pro-actively identify and monitor risks to eliminate any nasty surprises. Also they provide regular full progress reports to keep you informed of where things are.


Long-term support
We understand how critical your software is to your business. That's why our experienced support team specialises in supporting and maintaining your systems.

We provide different support packages to suit different clients' needs. But regardless of which maintenance option you choose you will benefit from our standardised process for dealing with your requests swiftly while providing you with up to date report of progress.


Reliability and accountability
It's a major risk for any client to work with a software company that is not legally accountable under the English law. In particular when dealing with offshore suppliers you will be exposed and at their mercy.

We are 100% based in the UK and accountable under English law. This gives our clients protection to secure their investments. We commit to and stand by our contracts and are fully accountable for successful delivery. In addition we are asset-rich and financially stable and profitable and enjoy high credit rating.


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Our company facilitates, enables, promotes and celebrates innovation to solve key business problems and also to provide a new outlook for enhancing established methods.

We use this energy for both Geeks internal efficiency, as well as that of our clients. In recognition of this we have won several national and international awards.