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6 challenges that an effective digital transformation strategy should solve for Scaleups

In 2019 alone, businesses spent $2bn on digital projects. That's before Covid wakeup call. Research shows 70% of businesses have a Digital Transformation Strategy or are working on one. This is a race that is only getting faster. So how to make sure you have an effective Digital Transformation Strategy?

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Geeks Ltd won the UK tech awards 2021 - the innovation of the year for DiGence®.

Last week, we won an award for our newest innovation, DiGence®, the strategy methodology and technology that is a game-changer for the scale-ups in their digital transformation. It answers the fundamental question of where to focus the digital transformation to get the highest ROI.

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The Innovation Room, Episode 9: Application of AI in business, anyone who uses buzzwords around AI should be punished!

Have you been wondering about the application of AI in your business? I am challenging our CTO to demystify some of the buzzwords and answer some key questions in an understandable language with practical examples. And I am punishing him when he fails to do so ...

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In the 3 levels of business automation, how deep are you able to dive?

For centuries, businesses have been moving from people to machines where they could. And that’s a good thing for everyone. Almost. Put simply, a piece of work is considered automatable when it’s rule-based and predictable, not needing human judgement or creativity. Automation isn’t exactly a new idea. What has changed though, is what is automatable.

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