How will Brexit impact your business growth?
How will Brexit impact your business growth?
by TONY CLEMENTS - Jul 19,2016

Sales may slow down. But does growth have to?

All News is talking about the impacts of uncertainty on the markets and that many people fear spending which means it may be harder to sell more of your products and services. This can continue for a few months and possibly stretch to late 2017.

Hence many businesses are expecting a reduction in their sales and as a result, their "business growth". But do they have to? Well, it depends on which aspect of growth you're talking about.

The hidden cost of ongoing sales growth: Is Revenue Vanity?

In good times it usually pays to focus on sales and growing your market-share. Every pound spent on marketing and sales could bring in more in new revenue.

But that success will come at a cost and a victim. That is "sub-optional internal processes". The usual story here is that when there are new sales, the focus of the business will be to "just get the job done" to enable selling more. Often that means inefficiencies in how the job is actually done including manual workflows, duplication of data entry, unnecessary manual data processing, lack of accurate reporting and systematic monitoring and notifications.

Post-Brexit might actually be the ideal time for "Growth" in "Profitability".
Slow sales can give you the time and space to take a step back and review your internal processes. By focusing on making your processes more efficient, automated and systematic you can achieve a reduction in operational costs, leading to growth in profitability.

You can achieve that most effectively by creating an Integrated Business Software which is designed and developed bespoke for your company. Such a system can be designed specifically around how your processes work best. It can free up your employees by automating routine tasks, taking advantage of many online services and giving you a business operating IT platform to minimise your costs and maximise your profitability.

How to actually discover the opportunities to up your efficiency and profitability?

The easiest way to go about it is to get an expert Business Analyst to review your existing processes, identify areas of improvement, and design a new system that can make you more efficient. It will usually take one or two weeks to achieve that.

This can be done for specific functions of your business such as sales, HR, operations, finance, delivery, etc, or it can be done holistically for your entire end-to-end processes. Or you can start from one and expand to the other.

The result of this exercise will create an interactive prototype of your very own business software. It will visually demonstrate how your day-to-day processes can be done more quickly, more consistently, more reliably and with more automation across the board.

Risks and Return on Investment

The good news is that this analysis process provides a risk-free path to execution. You will be able to clearly see what the new system will be, interact with it and test it and ensure it will be a fit-for-purpose solution to address all your needs.

Also, such detailed analysis will result in a reliable estimation of how much it will cost to build, and what level of ROI it will yield before actually investing in building it. So there is no risks or reasons not to do this.

The future beyond Brexit chaos

The post-Brexit political and economic chaos will not last forever. It will settle down in the not-too-distant future. Maybe next year, maybe two years or a bit more. When that happens there will be a period of rapid growth. But only businesses that are prepared will be able to truly benefit from that growth.

A key by-product of creating an efficient and highly automated software is scalability and the ability to sell more and deliver more as you will have the infrastructure to support it. A bespoke business software can enable you to take full advantage of the growth period that is to come, and give you a platform to thrive upon.

You can achieve that if you act today, use the gap and the opportunity that is handed to you by Brexit to action it.

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