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Intelligent Digital Transformation

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In 2019 alone, businesses spent $2bn on digital projects. That's before Covid wakeup call. Many digital transformations fail before they even start. The biggest challenge is often not the technology or even the people, but in prioritising the right problems. DiGence® is an award winning intelligent solution that enables you to know with confidence where to start, what to fix, and where to go next.
Somayeh Aghnia Cofounder & CEO

What is DiGence®?

DiGence® is a methodology, empowered by technology, for effective digital transformation.  It focuses on deep understanding of the current state of your business. It creates insights into the biggest challenges and opportunities in front of you. It forecasts the impact of scale to your business. And it produces effective recommendations for your digital transformation journey. With DiGence® you can align your entire business from top to bottom and set the business up for success. 

1. Data Collection & Diagnosis

By collecting data from different functions, processes and systems, DiGence® delves deep in and provides a holistic view of the current state of your business. It does it in days rather than weeks or months.  

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2. Analysing & Forecasting

As the data collection happens, DiGence® analyses the data in the background to find patterns of weaknesses and strengths in different areas, processes and systems. It also forecasts based on your business objectives, so it can analyse the challenges and opportunities of the future.

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3. Producing Objective Insights

DiGence® produces insights on your business operations weaknesses and strengths, to shed light on the areas that have the most potential for investment and will bring the highest return on investment in technology. 

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4. Pragmatic Recommendations

Using the insights, DiGence® will produce pragmatic recommendations based on many years of successful implementation of technology. 

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5. Roadmap for Digital Transformation

You will have a roadmap based on the recommendations that takes into account your business priorities and capacity to engage in the implementation phase.

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How does it work?

Implementing DiGence® for your business will take days not weeks or months. The process is very transparent and you will be updated along the way on the progress. You will also have visibility over all the data that is captured at any point in time. Here is how the journey is planned:



Working with our team, together we capture your objectives, business structure and key stakeholders and define which part of your organisation is within the scope of this process. We set you up in DiGence® and the journey begins.


Data Collection

Our DiGence® analysts will map out your business processes and current systems and start the data collection process by interviewing your team.  



Our DiGence® technology analyses the data and gives us an in-depth understanding of your business’ operational inefficiencies and areas of opportunity.



We feed your growth plans to DiGence® and it will forecast the potential impact of your current processes and systems on your business.



DiGence® highlights the insights into your business. This is where you will get to see the story of your business as it is and where it will end up if you don't take any action.



Our strategists will review the DiGence® insights and create a list of pragmatic recommendations for your business. You will have a shopping list consisting of very effective recommendations with suggested budgets to review with your stakeholders. 


12-month Roadmap

Together we create a 12-month roadmap based on DiGence® insights and recommendations.

You can start your journey with confidence.

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