Corporate Politics
Corporate Politics
by RUTH THOMAS - Oct 10,2016

Face it. Office politics is brutal. Especially if you have assumed a position of leadership, someone will always try to encroach on your turf.

An individual’s agenda can get in the way of productivity and upset an otherwise smooth-running operation. The individual’s agenda can also derail the plans you have for IT in your department.

One way to take yourself out of contentious situations is to use bespoke software and bring your own systems under your own control so that you are not subject to the whims of others.


Taking Control

Taking your own systems under your own control also allows you to modify the system more rapidly to meet shifting business requirements. Otherwise if you are attached to a larger system then your changes will have to queue up until someone can address them. If that someone is not on your side or is busy trying to mollify or out maneuver those above them, you can be stuck with no one to support you.

Having a mentor or someone to guard your flanks is very important in an organisation. A departmental-wide project can be knocked off course by enterprise-wide issues. Ergo, your project needs someone high up the corporate ladder as sponsor or champion.

One reason that politics enters the picture is because of people’s differing personalities. Some people are go-getters who ride roughshod over anyone in their path to achieve what they believe to be correct. Other people show up at work and do not do much more than that. The first guy might be a great engineer; the second is a smooth politician.

Cut the cord and get out from under those who would you do you harm. Hire a software vendor to write your own system and opt out of the political troubles altogether.

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